‘Building Community Wealth’ Event: A Milestone for Social Work in Stirling

Photo that represents Stirling. The photo is of the outside of Stirling castle. This is where we had an event where we learned about the future of social work jobs in Stirling

A Day of Connection and Learning

Last week, Hybrid Scotland had the opportunity to participate in the successful ‘Building Community Wealth’ event. We rubbed shoulders with some fantastic individuals from diverse sectors, including Stirling Council, University of Stirling, and Scotland Excel. It was a testament to our community’s dynamism and an inspiring glimpse into the future of agency social work jobs in Stirling.

Emphasising Local Opportunities

Held at the iconic Albert Halls, the event saw representatives from the public sector, private contractors, and business support providers offer invaluable advice on a range of topics including social work jobs in Stirling. One key area was how organisations can access local supply chains – an essential step in creating more sustainable, resilient local economies.

Hybrid Scotland's Pledge
We’re excited to support this event annually, given its alignment with our values of community collaboration and local empowerment. We applaud Simon Payne’s performance during the panel discussion on Community Wealth Building (CWB), and his ability to address the toughest questions with grace and insight.
The Impact on Social Work Jobs in Stirling
Councillor Margaret Brisley’s remarks on the mutual benefits of the Community Wealth Building model resonated with us. The potential to provide a more diverse business base for the Council and other organisations opens doors for further employment opportunities – particularly for social work agency jobs in Stirling.
Building a Better Future
As a recruitment agency specialising in social work, we see our role within this ‘redesign of the local economy’ as critical. We’re dedicated to connecting dedicated social work professionals with local authorities, and this event has reinforced our commitment to driving change within our community.
Looking Ahead
We’re excited about what this means for the future of social work in Stirling, and we’re committed to playing an active role in shaping that future. Together, we’re building stronger, more inclusive communities – one social work placement at a time.

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